Some of my recent software projects

Cloth Simulation
Cloth Simulation
My main project has been a cloth simulation.  It consists of a constrained particle system written in Java.  Proof of concept for speedup has been given for constraining only a minimum spanning tree of the constraint graph.  You can see the code here. 
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Distributed System
Distributed Travel Reservation System

Distributed systems are of great interest to me and I have had the opportunity to construct a simple distributed system in the form of a travel reservation system.  It consisted of client, middleware, server, transaction manager, lock manager, persistence and two phase commit systems.  It was written in Java using RMI as the basic network protocol.

                          Boids and Astar
Mazes, Reynolds's Boids and the Astar Algorithm

This small app demonstrates three algorithms which are fundamental to video game design.  First is an algorithm which randomly generates mazes with a certail density of loops.  Next is an algorithm that defines the movement model of the characters.  This algorithm is an implementation of Craig Reynolds's "Boids".  Finally, we have the basic AI which is an implementation of the Astar algorithm. 

Simple Poker in C++
I have written a poker application in C++.  It demonstrates very simple game play and basic C++ programming.  It also demonstrates a nice object oriented design.  Try to beat it!
  It runs in Windows.  Here is the source code.